I’m Stacey Lehn, running for Charles County Commissioner 4th district. I’ve lived in Charles County for twenty years. In this time I raised my children here along with my former high school sweet heart, my husband Jameson. Serving as his military wife for a decade and now as a police officers wife, I understand the struggles of the blue color, working family, especially from the moms point of view.  For the majority of my residence I served our community's youngest residents by way of owning a licensed child daycare. In that time I came to know the families of the county and heard many of their concerns surrounding their families needs and the economic issues within our county. 

The people are speaking and here are just a few topics they are interested in seeing a positive change with:

-No more government overreach

-Make listening to the needs of the community priority

-Supporting local business to keep funds within the county

-Work with Board of Education to fill in the gaps to better educate and guide those future leaders in our community.

I agree 100% and change is on the way!

What does a County Commissioner do?

In a county commission form of government, a body of elected commissioners serves both the executive and the legislative duties, meaning they enact local ordinances and administer them. They approve budgets, oversee spending and hire county employees.

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