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Something I know I'm really great at is NOT GIVING UP. It took me many years to realize this is a strong trait of mine. After surviving many operations including two brain surgeries from an auto accident, it hit me how strong we really can be, that we are stronger than we know we are.  After recovering, I knew I was meant for something greater. I pursued my passion of helping other in the wellness field as I myself have overcome health issues. I can promise this, if there is an issue the residents want addressed, I won't give up until its dealt with!

After the county/country closed down in 2020 and as we are still trying to restore our freedoms, I feel called to serve in our local government. I want to be part of the change for good, not just sit by complaining about what's wrong. I know what my neighbors want to see and I am willing to be your voice.


Every resident should know where the tax dollars are going to and have a say in how those dollars are spent. I believe that as a County Commissioner, it should be valued how the residents want the budget spent and should have vote. 

Without a doubt, every resident wants to feel safe in their neighborhood. As a law enforcement officers wife of almost three decades and a mother who wants a safe place for my family, I fully support our emergency responders which include EMS, Police and Fire. Funding should include the needed training, staffing and elements of support that create community strength.  


I've heard from many business owners that Charles County is not small business friendly, that starting and operating a business here can be challenging. As a small business owner myself, I understand many of the struggles a business owner may deal with and know that making necessary changes that support new and existing businesses to attract more small business owners is how we make Charles County business friendly.


I will never vote to mandate a business to close no matter what the health concerns are in the community, it is up to the business and the residents to determine what's safe and essential for themselves. I will never vote to mandate facial covering for the same reasoning.


I know maintaining a balance between growth and environmental friendly relationship is needed and intend on ding what's best for both our economy and our local environment. I would love to see many of our counties historical sites be more prominent along with our beautiful scenic areas restored for public viewing.

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